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Have you seen this "artwork" at the Somerset County Courthouse? The Democrat County Commissioners paid a Brooklyn, NY artist $128,000 of American Rescue Plan COVID recovery funds for these abstract statues.

These funds were granted by the federal government to help Somerset County businesses recover from the pandemic shutdown. Many businesses in downtown Somerville and across the county lost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars during the government-imposed shutdown. Rather than aiding those business owners as intended, the County Commissioners gave the money to an out of state artist and justified this purchase with the ridiculous notion that these statues would bring tourism to downtown Somerville.

The Democrats are so proud of this egregious government waste that they publicized the purchase as an accomplishment with a press release earlier this year. Our opponents even held a professional photoshoot with the statues!

Statue Commissioners.png

Somerset County deserves better than this pathetic celebration of wasteful government spending during a period of soaring inflation and affordability crisis. Vote Republican to put our taxpayers first.


The July 26, 2022 County Commissioner resolution awarding the funds is below. The Courier News article about the statues and the New York artist can be found here.

statues resolution.png

The Somerset County Democrats' $128k Statues

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